Nature conservation and landscape preservation

Many network components, especially substations and overhead extra-high-voltage transmission lines, are located away from built-up areas in the countryside. Amprion GmbH therefore pays special attention to planning and operating its network components in a manner compatible with nature and the landscape. With its commitment to the protection of birds - which goes beyond the legal requirements - together with the ecologically optimised care of transmission routes and local and regional projects for the protection of species and their environment, Amprion GmbH is a pathfinder in Europe.

Care of transmission line routes

To minimise the disruption to nature by the construction and maintenance of transmission lines, Amprion has developed a "new form of transmission route management". The proportion of the costs of maintaining the overhead transmission line network spent on looking after the land under the lines is in total 40 percent. Of this 40 percent in turn is looked after according to biotope management plans. Increasingly, we are successively converting to more ecologically compatible biotope management.

Protection of birds

Amprion operates its extra-high-voltage network in such a way as to minimise the risk of collisions for birds. The relevant sections of line have been equipped with markings.