Levy according to Paragraph 18 AbLaV

Levy for interruptible loads according to § 18 AbLaV

If provider of interruptible loads have committed themselves with the operators of transmission networks in agreements for services, which fulfill the requirements of the regulation, they obtain compensation for providing the interruptible capacity for the agreed period (capacity price) and for each request of interruptible capacity (energy price).

The transmission system operators are obliged to settle their payments and expenses under this Regulation on a financial settlement. Balancing mechanism takes place in accordance with §§ 26, 28 and 30 of the CHP law (KWKG) under the restriction that the privileging limits for consumption (B and C category) according to § 26 paragraph 2 and 3 KWKG for special end consumption groups do not apply. Therefore, the mentioned below levy applies to the whole end-consumption.

The calculation of the levy in 2017 was based on the planned costs for 2017 and the balance of the annual accounts of the year 2015.

Planned costs were approved by the german regulator (Bundesnetzagentur).

Levy for interruptible loads

Year Levy
2017 0.006 ct/kWh

Further information concerning interruptible loads levy can be found on the common German TSOs’ website:


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