Grid data


Amprion GmbH determines and provides all values and data to the best of its abilities and with no guarantee for their correctness. Should it be temporarily impossible for technical or any other reasons to determine or provide the values and data, Amprion GmbH will make every effort to resume the provision of the data with no undue delay. Any liability for losses caused by the temporary non-availability of values and data or due to incorrect values and data is excluded with the exception of losses or any damage caused with intent.

Since January 2003, the transmission system operators have published the vertical system load. In addition, data on system input have been provided since 01.06.2003.

Vertical load

Grid feed-in

Demand in control area

Generation in the control area

Wind power infeed

Cross-border load flows

Aggregated commercial and physical load flows


Outages of generation units > 100 MW

Structural characteristics

Forecast margin

Photovoltaic infeed