Emissions control

  • Noise prevention: To prevent disturbing noise emissions from switchgear and substations, only the lowest noise versions of transformers and power switches are now used to replace older systems. Noise-level measurements are made on-site at existing locations and, where necessary, noise reduction measures such as switchgear housings are taken. However, all Amprion systems already meet the limits called for under emissions control legislation.
  • Electrical and magnetic fields: The laws of physics dictate that electrical and magnetic fields arise in the transmission and use of electrical energy, and thus also in the proximity of overhead high-voltage lines, cables and substations, whereby the maximum field strengths are to be found in the immediate vicinity of the line; with growing distance the field strengths drop sharply. Low-frequency systems of Amprion are operated in such a manner that there need be no fear of any risk to people or the environment. The emissions are well below the maximum levels required by emissions control legislation.