Amprion GmbH is aware of its social responsibility as an important transmission system operator in Europe. The actions of Amprion GmbH and its employees are determined through personal responsibility, sincerity, loyalty and respect towards others and the environment.
Compliance with the relevant laws and the company's internal principles and rules are a fundamental part of these actions and our corporate culture at Amprion GmbH.

Since 2005, Amprion GmbH has had a code of conduct which serves staff as a guide to acting lawfully and responsibly. The Compliance/Revision/Data Protection business unit is responsible for compliance issues at Amprion GmbH. Dr. Carsten Scherney is the Compliance Officer and head of this unit. He is currently being represented by Dr Lars Rößing on an interim basis.
The Compliance Officer for Amprion GmbH is supported by an external partner who, as an ombudsman, is available in regard to compliance-related issues to both employees and third parties, such as market participants, suppliers or other business partners:

Dr. Thomas Höch

Höch & Partner
Wittekindstr. 30
44139 Dortmund

T +49 231 22 22 76 76
F +49 231 22 22 76 77