CWE Market Coupling

From 1st until 15th of March 2017 a public consultation concerning the Flow Based Intraday Capacity Calculation (FB IDCC) methodology in CWE takes place. For details click here.

NRA approval and Flow-based Go-live date confirmation (24th April 2015)

Updated go-live planning for Flow-Based MC in the CWE region

Delay of NRAs-approval

Press release: CWE flow-based target launch on 31 March 2015

Update of the CWE FB MC Project planning (PDF)

Social Welfare Report 2-10-2014

Social Welfare Report - October 2014

From 2nd May until 30th June 2013 a public consultation concerning the flow based market coupling solution takes place. For details see here

After the successful launch of ATC-based market coupling on 9 November 2010 the CWE partners work on the Flow-Based implementation following the MoU (Memorandum of understanding).

Social Welfare Report 1-10 2013

Social Welfare Report October 2013

Following provided three presentations that were held at the CWE Market Coupling Forum in Düsseldorf on 7th March 2013

Morning presentation on the CWE Flow Based Market Forum

Presentation of the workshop on the flow based theoretical basis from the CWE Flow Based Market Forum

Presentation of the workshop on the flow based results from the CWE Flow Based Market Forum

Social Welfare Report 1-11 2012

Social Welfare Report November 2012

Flow-Based Market Coupling project status, December 2012

CWE FB MC, Intuitiveness report, Brussels October 2012 (PDF 4,7 MB)

Updated project planning, Brussels September 2012 (PDF 0,3 MB) 

CWE Market Coupling Flow-Based Forum Presentation, Amsterdam June 2011 (PDF 3,1 MB)

CWE Enhanced Flow-Based MC feasibility report, March 2011

CWE Enhanced FB Report presentation, March 2011

CWE Market Coupling Operational Report, Paris October 2011 (PDF 1,45 MB)

CWE Enhanced Flow-Based MC feasibility report, October 2011

Enhanced CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling presentation, October 2011

CWE Market Coupling Operational and Project report, Brussels March 2012

Public Consultation process

After the publication of the CWE Enhanced FBMC Feasibility Report and the CWE technical Forum held on the 1ste June in Amsterdam, several questions on the Flow Based methodology have reached the CWE  project partners. These questions are answered in detail in this document in order to make the Flow Based methodology more clear and understandable.

Flow Based Market Coupling: Questions and Answers (PDF 0,4 MB)

Social Welfare Report 2012

Social Welfare Report 2013 (Feb)

Social Welfare Report 2013 (Mar)

Social Welfare Report 2013 (1-3)